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Owning an MG has always been an act of self-expression. From the time the first car rolled out from the workshop in Alfred Lane, England in 1924, MG has always embraced individuality, and championed new identities and styles.

MG is now taking the language of its audiences to the next level. Through the element of surprise, we have captured the authentic reactions of anyone who discovers any of our products.

Harnessing the language of amazement, positivity and the power of pop-culture, we have opened up our platforms to demonstrate the real ‘wow’ factor that our cars possess via:


OH, MG! IT’S MORE THAN A FEELING is far more than just a platform to talk about our cars’ unique features. We are constantly striving to provide the best experiences, to seek out the most unique collaborations and an exciting line-up of cars featuring the latest state-of-the-art technology.

There’s so much that MG has to offer, and we don’t want you to miss out on anything, especially that feeling of surprise when you drive any of our MG cars.

Our cars simply embrace the ‘wow’ factor, no matter what your age, nationality, cultural background, interests, or identity.

There is an MG that has the power to inspire interest and enrich all of our lives.

IT’S MORE THAN A FEELING for us and that feeling is far too important to enjoy alone. We want you to be a part of that thrilling ride! Let’s get on it together, and let’s be inspired!

Book your test drive with MG Motor today to arrange a date and time that suits you.


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Inspired by the 1962 MGB GT, the all-new MG GT is a coupé-like fast back sedan that embraces MG’s latest design ethos. The all-new MG GT provides fresh, dynamic good looks and a fighter-jet inspired cabin, offering a thrilling experience in the compact Sedan marketplace.

Find out more information on the MG GT here.

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Discover the new MG ZST, a compact SUV with a sharper look and a plush new cabin.
Built to delight, the new MG ZST commands attention and leaves a lasting memory thanks to its bold shape, beautiful aerodynamics and modern design elements.
Turbo powered and with advanced technology keeping you connected, informed and entertained on-the-go, there’s every reason to hop behind the wheel of the new MG ZST.

Find out more information on the MG ZST here.

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From the iconic MG badge found front with the star rider grille, right the way through to the rear combination tail lights, every inch of the new MG HS is as eye-catching and impressive as can be.

This is a muscular and athletic SUV in every sense of the word, with the slick craftsmanship and impressive proportions ensuring you are driving a model that has been carefully designed and lovingly detailed.

Find out more information on the MG HS here.​

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There’s something simple but captivating about the design of the new MG RX8.

Whether it’s the bold stance, the high ride height, or the smooth body lines, the silhouette of the model is enough to capture the attention. On closer inspection, the dual-slot hood, silver lip, and bold chrome grille demonstrate that there is plenty of refined flourishes that will impress. Riding on 20 inch* (LUX Trim) dual-tone alloy wheels, the new MG RX8 strikes a commanding presence on the road.

Find out more information on the MG RX8 here.

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The ultimate combination of sporty elegance and practical design, the new MG RX5 is a versatile and capable SUV that incorporates some of the latest automotive technology available. Intelligent and spacious, comfortable and stylish.

A vehicle like the new MG RX5 is exciting in any guise so, while there are Five trim levels available to purchase, each can be relied upon to provide a driving experience that is unforgettable.

Choose from the 1.5T STD, 1.5T COM, 1.5T LUX, 2.0T COM, and 2.0T LUX, and take advantage of ever-more choice in technology the further up the range you go.

Find out more information on the MG RX5 here.

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MG 6

MG 6

The new MG 6 is as striking and sleek as they come.

Generously equipped and powered by a 1.5-litre turbo engine, this stylish model has been developed to turn heads and deliver great performance.

Not only does it achieve these goals, but it surpasses them.

Find out more information on the MG 6 here.

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MG 5

MG 5

The exciting new MG 5 sedan is a progressive and contemporary model that draws on the famed history of the brand to offer the utmost in driving pleasure.

Featuring a stylish design, impressive performance figures, and some of the most cutting-edge automotive technology around, this standout model provides a driving experience that is rewarding and enjoyable, both for you and your passengers.

Find out more information on the MG 5 here.

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